Mornington Peninsula

Women in Business

Networking Group

Owner of Remuce and fellow business woman Margaret Ostle have started up an amazing networking group for Women in Business.

The group is filled with women who ru‚Äčn their own businesses or are in the workforce. Their aim is to provide a networking group that offers support to business women - whether that's emotional support or support for business ventures.

Every third Wednesday of the month, the group meets at Remuce where the women indulge in some delicious cocktail food and drinks whilst discussing business with the occasional guest speaker. 

Along with their networking night, a Facebook group has been created for members to join. This is where everyday support and questions can be asked. The group is friendly and business focused, and without the fellow support of business owners, our businesses wouldn't succeed.

If you are a woman who may be interested in joining this amazing networking group, please don't hesitate to contact Remi or Maggie at [email protected]